Water Purification and Softening

Cincinnati has a large range of water quality in different parts of the city, to the suburbs and rural areas. Some areas have very specific issues that are unlikely to change. A water test is the best way to determine what’s really coming out of the tap. There are two main desires for drinking water purification: taste/odor reduction(typically chlorine) and mineral reduction(water hardness).

Water Purification

Water filtration will accomplish taste and odor reduction with sediment and carbon filters. These can be accomplished in a simple under sink 2 stage filter which would similar to your higher quality refrigerator filtered water. A whole house filter(including carbon stage) could be installed at the inlet of the house to include chlorine reduction in the shower. This filter has other advantages of protecting plumbing to a degree by removing rust and sediment. We recommend the carbon block filter with a poly-blown 5 micron pre-filter for the whole house or a dual stage under sink for most residential drinking water applications. We offer a water test and consultation on any water treatment evaluation to find a solution to suit your individual needs.

Water filters and what they remove.

A reverse osmosis system is the next step in removing contaminants though it should be noted that drinking only RO water is not recommended as it is stripped of necessary minerals for your health. With an average of 300 ppm total dissolved solids content in this area – half RO and half carbon filtered water would bring you down to 150 ppm back to high quality water with it’s base minerals. You can also add drops to your RO water which are designed to supply your base minerals.

Water Softening

Water softening is often confused with mineral reduction. It does reduce minerals in your water, but only specific problematic ones that are too much.. Calcium and magnesium are the main culprits in water hardness which is expressed in grains per gallon. Not to be confused with total dissolved solids which encompasses a wider range of elements. Iron is another target for the water softener to attract and remove from your water. Reducing these minerals leaves much less build up of crud in your shower head, as well as making your shower easier to clean. Allows you to use less soap, gives you cleaner dishes and laundry.  Reduces wear on plumbing components including boilers and water heaters.  Allows you to have a Keurig without killing it every two years even though you maintain it. Again we don’t want to strip all of the minerals from our drinking water for our health, we want to reduce down to 1-3 grains per gallon. A water test is the only way to determine if a water softener is necessary, and to know what size and setting to put it on.  Contact us today to talk about your water!

How a water softener protects your investment.