Storm and Sewer Drain Video Inspection and Location Services


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Here at Tarvin Plumbing, we’ve been investigating drains for over a century. We’ve been here through the changes of piping materials from clay and cast iron to the current standard of PVC. We’ve investigated drainage problems in every way imaginable.

After 110 years in service to Cincinnati we are proud to offer a new service. Storm and Sewer Drain Location and Video Inspection.

Using a camera to inspect a problematic or slow running drain can save you time and money by pinpointing the precise nature and location of the problem. Whether it is a blockage, a collapse or just build up, it can affect your entire basement, yard or property when rainfall is at it’s peak or your house is full of guests.

Video Inspection and location allows us to determine the best solution to fix the problem long term. Whether it can be taken care of with regular drain cleaning, if a spot can be dug up and fixed; or if the drain needs complete replacement.

A precise location and depth allows us to dig in the correct spot the first time saving you frustration, time and money.

If you are experiencing a slow running drain, have concerns about your basement or yard flooding; give Tarvin Plumbing a call today and let our team help you better understand your drainage needs.